Home of the London Bridge

In unfettered intensity, sunlight rains down on the small city scattered across the desert plain and the lake nearby that gives the community its name. As the light hits the water, the surface of the forty-five mile lake is transformed into a dazzling field of diamonds, glinting and twinkling among the desert scrub and miles of barren, rocky ground. The waters of Lake Havasu are clear and blue; not surprising considering that the name “Havasu” means blue water. From the quaint sandstone and desert-rose buildings hugging the shore, the famous London Bridge arcs across the water to a small island of picturesque resorts and secluded beaches. Despite its remote location, Lake Havasu City draws millions of visitors each year, many of whom decide to stay when they experience first-hand the calm water, the clear weather, and the blend of small-town atmosphere mixed with modern sophistication that only a tourist city can have.

Interestingly, Lake Havasu City’s location was picked specifically for its remoteness. It sits in the very center of a giant triangle of open desert, the points of that triangle being the greater Los Angeles area, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. This gives it the advantage of being only a few hours away from giant shopping malls and casinos, but far enough away that it will never be considered a suburb of any of those cities or a congested urban slum. The London Bridge and the lake guarantees that the major trade in the area is touristy, and as a result, the city is kept clean and businesses in the area are not only lucrative, but also eye pleasing. The English Village under the bridge and the hotels clustered around it are good examples of this. In addition, not only does touristy keep the city looking nice, it’s also the community’s prime source of income. Several boat dealerships, novelty shops, and tourist attractions dot the community. Because of Arizona law catering to small businesses and the fact that many of the city’s visitors come to browse, Lake Havasu City is a great place to open a new business. Other than the tourist trade, the city is also experiencing an on-going growth spurt, and both the real estate and construction industries are booming.

Furthermore, the ecology of the place makes it ideal for both water-lovers and desert-lovers. The weather is sunny all year, with very few rainy or windy days. Temperatures are on the warm side and soar over 100 degrees during the summer, which makes it ideal for spending time on the lake. In addition to water skiing and swimming, there are plenty of inlets and coves where people can fish for bass and crappie. The rocky terrain surrounding the lake is perfect for four-wheeling, and there are several hiking paths in the area that lead to scenic places up in the hills.

Moreover, Lake Havasu City has several community events that residents can look forward to. There’s the Annual Winter fest Festival in February, the Fourth of July firework’s display over the lake, and the Octoberfest days in late fall, which includes the London Bridge Days parade that various businesses and community groups take part in. The schools in the area are small, and the relaxed pace of the city makes it easier for people to spend time doing the things they enjoy and making use of the lake and mountains right at their fingertips.

Thus, Lake Havasu City is a blend of both big-city amenities and small-town living. It has plenty of places to offer in the way of shops and restaurants. However, the slower, relaxed pace of the city gives people time to enjoy all the recreational events the place has to offer. Yes, it is the home of the London Bridge, but it is also the home of over 50,000 inhabitants who have made a community, out in the middle of nowhere, the place to be.

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